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Producers keep creators from disparate backgrounds speaking the same language, and monitor complex efforts that span multiple regions across the globe.

A producer’s primary goal is to keep fellow team members free of impediments that could impair their work. Producers aren’t “in charge”—instead, with project management tools, tremendous empathy, and team-wide communication, they’re the life-saving handhold in the hurricane of game development. Producers make sure no stone is left unturned, no checklist is left ignored, no deadline is missed or rushed.

Production prides itself on keeping engineers coding, artists drawing, and designers making fun game systems. Anything that gets in the way of other disciplines being able to work is a producer’s job to solve. Producers create the environment that makes products and services possible, and champion the Game Mechanics vision to their team so that they never veer off course.

When they’re polishing the fourth pass of a level or the latest UI revision, they’ll thank you for it. Because, without your guidance and shepherding, the magic doesn’t happen. Make it so. of your peers. The beautiful (or terrifying) images you create aren’t just for appreciating—they’ll ultimately support and inform gameplay.

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